This week Faber sent out an official announcement for THE GLIMPSE FACEBOOK AUDITIONS to schools all across the UK. I’m so excited about this! I’m sure there’s a lot of talent out there, and I can’t wait to find a wonderful actress to play 16-year-old Tamsin.

To celebrate the launch of The Glimpse Facebook page this week I’m giving away a hardback copy of Kristen Simmons’ highly anticipated novel ARTICLE 5. This book sounds fantastic and I recommend you all check it out on Goodreads. PLUS Kristen will also send the winner of this contest a signed book plate to accompany her book!



This is a points-based contest, and the number of points you earn is the number of times your name goes into the virtual hat of to win the prize. (You don’t have to do all the tasks and you can count a point even if you’ve already done something.)

1 point: From my author facebook page share the ‘Could you be Tamsin Strike?’ youtube video. (you will see it posted a little way down. If you’ve already shared the video – THANKS EVERYONE WHO HAS! – you will automatically be allocated a point if your FB account is public and we can see you’ve shared.)
1 point: follow The Glimpse’s FB page (see the link on this page’s likes)
1point: follow The Spark FB page. (see the link on this page’s ‘likes’)
1 point: leave me a comment on this page introducing yourself & or
giving me the links about the other points I should give you.

That is 4 points you can earn in all. The contest is open internationally and will end in one on Monday 30th Jan (at 2pm UK time.) The copy of Kristen’s book is a pre-order copy and will be delivered when the pre-ordered book is sent by the book depository or other acting agent.


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